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The Animal Protection Party v The Vivisectors

Melissa Boardman | 20.04.2010 13:06 | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | Cambridge | Oxford

At last a reason to get excited about a General Election!

Keith Mann v Dr Death and the Oxford Animal Lab.

The Animal Protection Party v The Wickham Labs.

The APP Hunt the Hunt Hag at the General Election.

The APP v HLS – Kick them in the Djangoly's.

The APP & The Genaral Election
The APP & The Genaral Election


General Elections are not as a rule anything to get excited about but we are executing a plan to improve things! With the election looming the Animal Protection Party is in the process of distributing over half a million leaflets to homes in our four target areas, Huntingdon, Oxford, Wickham and Vauxhall. We are standing candidates in these key constituencies not to reach for a slice of the power pie but so we can take some of that power from the bad guys. This is a positive campaign. We have no manifesto, we have no policies but we are determined to make a point. Keith Mann is standing in Oxford against the vile Evan Harris, Sarah Coats is standing in Wickham, Carrie Holliman in Huntingdon against Jonathan Djangoly and Jim Kapetanos in Vauxhall against Kate Hoey.

Every home in these areas will get our leaflets through their letterbox explaining, for example, of the horrors befalling 500 animals each day in the name of product testing at their local Huntingdon Life Sciences and the MP's role in this. We have activists on the streets and are knocking on doors. In just four weeks we hope to get our message out to over one million people who happen to be in key campaign areas. This in itself is a significant achievement but it needn’t end there. The potential remains for us to unseat one or more of these characters and send a strong message to others like them who defend the indefensible.

The election process dictates that potential candidates need 10 local residents to sponsor them. In each of these constituencies by knocking on doors and telling residents that we are standing in their area to unseat their current MP we have gathered the names we needed in a single street. Think about that. Ten random members of the public in Huntingdon have given their full backing and their personal details to APP activists who'd knocked on their door. And Oxford and Wickham and Vauxhall. Most of what most people hear about people who care for animals is that they’re extremists but when they hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, it doesn’t sound quite the same. We believe that compassion is at the core of our society however much human behaviour is manipulated and in four years time we aim to do this on a much greater scale.

If you can help leafleting in any of these areas any time in the next few weeks or can help fund this effort please check in and help us inform as many people as possible of what we are trying to do and why.

Tel: 0844-800-9031
Email:  info@animalprotectionparty.com


Melissa Boardman


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Uneasy about the APP's other views

20.04.2010 20:47

I oppose hunting, vivisection and all forms of animal abuse but I'm not sure this campaign has been thought through.

The three seats where a particular candidate is being opposed (as opposed to Meon Valley, chosen because Wickham Labs is there) are all pretty safe seats, so even if the APP isn't hoping to get an MP it won't play a role in determining who the MP is either. Kate Hoey may well have lost popularity but the Lib Dems still have 26.8% to catch up.

The flyer about Evan Harris (who Keith Mann is standing against) makes some strange points. Harris is criticised for being an "aggressive secularist" and for supporting the extension of time limits on abortions. Naturally, candidates are welcome to hold their own views on such matters but these values Harris is attacked for are held by many of those who would be sympathetic to criticisms of Harris' support for vivisection. The flyer about Jonathan Djangoly concentrates on attacking him for the expenses he claimed, but it does come across as quite opportunist from a party that is plainly motivated by animal rights. Lastly its rather off-putting to see the same website endorsing NWO conspiracy theories and people such as David Icke.

Naturally, animal rights activists are not bound to one set of political views and I can't speak on behalf of those involved in the APP any more than they can speak for me, but I'd just hate to see the apparent views of this party being associated with the animal rights movement as a whole.


secularism and homeopathy

20.04.2010 23:10

That is strange that Evan Harris is criticised for being "secular" and for opposing homeopathy. I'm all for attacking him over his pro-animal abuse views, but siding with nutty bible-bashers and cranky pseudoscience like homeopathy doesn't seem like a vote-winner.


Serious worries about the APP and alien conspiracies.

21.04.2010 14:28

There are very strange people working within the APP....what's all the weird stuff about aliens and conspiracies? They don't add up at all.



21.04.2010 18:22

Link to APP and "weird stuff about aliens and conspiracies" please? Otherwise I'll think you are just trolling.



21.04.2010 23:03

Erm how is homeopathy 'pseudo-science'? Just because science cannot explain something in its narrow corridor of vision doesn't make it pseudo-science. Homeopathy works and is older than 'modern medicine'. It is just vilified because it cuts into big pharma's profits. I do not want drugs so I don't visit doctors. I have no choice. Why can't I get homeopathy on the NHS?
If you learn enough about vivisection and our health system you realise that the 'alternatives' are being shoved out of our reach by ever increasing legislation and people like Evan Harris. It is all relevant. In politics EVERYTHING is relevant......


Re : Links to APP and aliens etc

22.04.2010 01:11

See indymedia post immediately below this one. Steve Best wrote an article about Space Aliens and Veganism, he is an honourary member of the APP. Keith Mann has links to alien conspiracies [Life on Mars, The Annunaki, etc] on his myspace and was criticised by commentators [easily found in a google search] regarding his speeches in Hyde Park last year about aliens and alien conspiracies.



22.04.2010 13:52

I'm anti animal research but it is a fact that homeopathy is pseudo science. There is nothing to explain about it, it's a great big con designed to line the pockets of con artists. Interestingly the largest supplier of homeopathic remedies in the UK is our old animal abusing friends the chemist and cosmetics chain Boots.

Homeopathic remedies contain nothing other than water. The original ingredient is diluted so much you'd need to drink the entire ocean in order to find one molecule of the original ingredient used in the remedy.

Homeopathy is the greatest modern medical con of all time, charging tens of pounds for nothing other than tap water. Why they've managed to even one up Evian. For the costs of a connection to the water grid, and a few glass bottles one can churn out homeopathic remedies at virtually no cost at all. It's all pretty much pure profit.

Homeopathy isn't villified because it cuts into big pharma's profits at all, companies like Boots actively push it utilising support from Prince Charles and they make huge sums of money from it. Homeopathy supports big pharma profits and reinforces them.

Animal Rights


22.04.2010 23:00

the largest supplier of homeopathic remedies in the UK is our old animal abusing friends the chemist and cosmetics chain Boots.

Yeh but you don't have to buy it there!!

Homeopathic remedies contain nothing other than water.

And that's where you're wrong. Wait til you hear about quantum physics!!

The original ingredient is diluted so much you'd need to drink the entire ocean in order to find one molecule of the original ingredient used in the remedy.

And your point is? See above. That's why science can't explain it.

Homeopathy is the greatest modern medical con of all time, charging tens of pounds for nothing other than tap water. Why they've managed to even one up Evian.

It costs a tiny fraction of the cost of patented drugs which cause hideous side effects and death too.,

For the costs of a connection to the water grid, and a few glass bottles one can churn out homeopathic remedies at virtually no cost at all. It's all pretty much pure profit.

And what do you call Big Pharma then?

Homeopathy isn't villified because it cuts into big pharma's profits at all, companies like Boots actively push it

Really? It's not hanging around by the tills is it?

utilising support from Prince Charles and they make huge sums of money from it.

I doubt that very much! Prince Charles is a twat and I don't buy it coz of him.

Homeopathy supports big pharma profits and reinforces them.

Err how? Which big pharma companies make homeopathic remedies? And why do they constantly try to deny they work like you are doing?



23.04.2010 02:34

You obviously know little and try to make up for this lack of knowledge by just running for the corners of the room.

You haven't been within 6 feet of a physics text book in the past year let alone studied quantum mechanics. If homeopathy had anything to do with quantum mechanics (which it doesn't) it would have the support of people who actually study the subject and know about quantum mechanics. However it doesn't. Physicists, chemists, biologists, have all called homeopathy a con.

Every time homeopathy is discredited (which is always) homeopaths come up with new bullshit to explain to why they're continuing to push useless therapies. First of all they tried to say it was too do with 'water memory' but when that theory was categorically shot down like the flaming wreck of an idea it is they abandoned it, swept it under the carpet, and came up with a new non-existent mechanism of action.

Chucking a bit of garlic into a tube of distilled water, further distilling it until such a point where no original ingredient remains, and then banging it against a leather board on the table does not create a cure for illness. It's a con, and any sane rational thinking person understands that.

Homeopathy has been consistently discredited, it's fictional made up nonsense. You have to question the sanity of anyone who's willing to part with their cash for it.

Herbal remedies work because they have testable mechanisms of action they contain active ingredients, homeopathic remedies do not work because there is nothing in them other than water. You're better off buying a bottle of water from Asda rather paying over the odds for homeopathic nonsense, because they are exactly the same. There is no difference what so ever between a bottle of homeopathic magic water and a bottle of water from a supermarket. The only mechanism of action homeopathic remedies have is via the placebo effect.

Of cause homeopathy is pushed by big business, last year Alliance Boots was the largest retailer of homeopathic remedies in the country. They made millions from selling non-existent cures. If you think homeopathic remedies aren't hanging around the tills next time to go into Boots make an enquiry about them because you'll find that is exactly where they're hanging out.

The sorts of people that believe in homeopathy are the sorts of people who read books about lizard men replacing the Queen by David Ike whilst wrapping their heads in tin foil to stop the brain rays.

To summarise in simple terms: You're deluded.

Animal Rights

Resorting to name calling and generalisations does not help your argument.

23.04.2010 09:54


The problem with over-the-counter homeopathic remedies (as they sell in Boots) is now knowing the right remedy. There are thousands of different remedies to match different symptoms (and different people) so it's hardly surprising those kinds of remedies don't work. You need to either have a proper homeopathic remedy repertory or go to a GOOD homeopath to establish the right remedies and dose. Selling homeopathic remedies this way is exactly the way to discredit them and is probably why they are doing it.
The test of homeopathy is whether patients get cured - not whether it can be made to fit into a trial who's paradigm provides a way to justify giving potentially lethal drugs to patients as being safe enough to be in their interest (so called 'scientific' trials).Thousands upon thousands of patients the world over swear by homeopathy and they have been treated for virtually all ailments known to mankind.


@ NT

23.04.2010 15:30

You can get homeopathic treatment on the NHS. There is even a NHS homeopathic hospital in London. I must say though that I share the view that homeopathy is quackery and would strongly recommend a good herbalist instead.


About the london homeopathy hospital

23.04.2010 18:53

The nhs homeopathic hospital place is due to be closing soon, managers are to begin winding down after the result of an NHS investigation which found homeopathy was no better than a placebo.


Homeopathy is quackery and the APP are weirdies who ruin AR for the animals.

23.04.2010 21:16

They are a group of weirdies. Keith Mann has been publicised for lying about Rolanda Gorman and has embarrassed AR with rants about aliens at a London gathering. Steve Best has written a recent and embarrassing article about aliens. Tracey Rawlings has written on her personal website that she was asked to frame Princess Diana's wedding dress at Buckingham Palace which she has obnviously lied about, that she framed photos at a private hospital used by celebs who then asked her to remove all reference to them, [worse still she had lied about them too] and they have all lied about other AR activists including Animals Count.
It's a shame as this makes all of AR look like cranks and sets back the whole AR movement by decades. We are back to the days of being called "lentil knitters".
The person who has said go to a herbalist rather than a homeopath is right. Homeopathy is quackery. You are better of with herbs and aromatherapy. There are ever restrictive laws regarding natural remedies and natural remedies are blasted as snake oil by Big Pharma. Fighting to save our supplements, to lead more natural lives isn't helped by nuts going on about aliens and making out that they know the Royal Family personally when they do not.


homeopathy is complete nonsense

23.04.2010 21:30

Homeopathy is a nonsense pseudo-science. It's irrelevant whether it is big business or if all practitioners are hippies who work for free out of the kindness of their hearts, it still has no basis in reality. I'm sure most homeopathic practitioners genuinely believe that what they do works, but I think they are deluded.

Ironically, if you do believe it, you will benefit due to the placebo effect, so maybe it is useful in that sense. But maybe you should just convince yourself that tap water has the same benefits, and if you believe it enough, it will work just as well!

None of the proper (double-blind, control group) studies into homeopathy have shown it to be effective other than as a placebo. No one has ever shown a plausible mechanism as to how it allegedly works.

Check out Wikipedia as a starting point to the details:

That doesn't mean to say that you have to love Big Pharma, they have their own different set of problems. But just because we believe in animal rights doesn't mean we have to fall for every pseudo-scientific hippy scam out there.

I still wish the APP good luck in their campaigns though, just think they are mistaken on this point.


I know homeopathy works

28.04.2010 09:21

I have used it on myself, my kids and my companion animals for decades now and have seen the effects. I don't need any double blind tests to prove it to me, besides, as stated above and as proven time and again these so called tests are flawed. Each person in a double blind test would be given the same homeopathic remedy and that is exactly what NOT to do with homeopathy. There have been some interesting new studies done which show the energy difference between water that's been potentized and normal water.
Homeopathy was used to great effect during some of the epidemics in the 19C and 20C such as cholera, yellow fever, dyptheria and the big flu epidemic..
Another recent study showed a huge success rate for homeopathy in patients who had already tried conventional treatments without success


The APP are doing fantastic work!

03.05.2010 21:03

I think the APP are doing great stuff, it is the most exciting campaign of 2010


Tactical approach by the APP

03.05.2010 21:36

I have just been reading all the comments, where does it say the APP talk about aliens? I have read all of their statements and never once has it mentioned aliens, I then looked on their website and still nothing. I am confused to where you have got this information. I am looking on the APP website and can someone give me a link to where it talks about this alien stuff as I can't find it!

On the leaflet where it talks about Harris being secular and anti abortion, this is tactical since Oxford is 76% Christian it would be ridiculous to not mention this, it doesn't mean it is the view of the APP. The APP are unlikely to lose Harris his seat if they only talk about animal testing, however they stand a much better chance now. This is what the movement is lacking, the ability to think outside the box. I wish them luck although with what they have already done I doubt they will need it!


Thanx Andrew

04.05.2010 19:43

You are absolutely right. It does not mention Aliens anywhere on our website as anyone can see. Someone is just out to discredit us. Probably someone working for a pharmaceutical company judging by the bad grammar and dubious assumptions. As they say though 'no publicity is bad publicity'.

Northern Tracey

What's published? What about Keith filmed on youtube? His myspace?

06.05.2010 12:01

As for Northern Tracey's comment that "no publicity is bad publicity" you're quite wrong there. The animals are not being helped by you, quite the opposite. You have discredited the AR movement and if anyone is doing the pharmaceutical industry's work it is the APP.
Steve Best is an honourary member of the APP and has publsihed an article about Space Aliens.


Miranda Panda

06.05.2010 12:02

Had she read anyone a Miranda? Driven a Panda? Just wondered...


reply to anon

06.05.2010 13:48

You obviously know very little about the APP because Steve Best has nothing to do with them, for one he isn't even in the UK! Stop making up lies! And come this evening we will see if the APP have helped the pharma industry, if they lose target MPs (who are mouthpieces for the drug companies) some votes or even their seats then I can't see how they have helped them!


app no connection to alien stuff

06.05.2010 13:56

anon - just like I thought you have no evidence that the APP mention aliens, you are treading water here! I can't find anything where Keith mentions aliens, and anyway he might be a candidate for the APP but he is not the APP so how you can generalise something he said in your fantasy world to be the view of the Animal Protection Party baffles me. Get your facts straight before you show your anon self up


video link to APP Keith's speeches and his myspace and "Life On Mars".

06.05.2010 19:12

Look up Keith Mann on myspace


He has provided links on his myspace to : Life on Mars, The Annunaki etc and gave a speech in Hyde Park about alien conspiracies. Keith Mann is very much APP.

On the APP facebook Steve Best is declared an honourary member.

An independent European AR activist asked "Has British AR activist Keith Mann gone mad?"


This "has he gone mad" question followed the embarrassing alien speeches in Hyde Park.


"God Man And ET" via Mars web links is on Keith's myspace.

06.05.2010 19:26

There is rather a lot of alien / space / Mars links on Keith Mann's myspace.


- Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/keiththemann

People obviously haven't read Steve Best's article...

18.05.2010 10:28

... otherwise they would realise it's not really about aliens at all, it's just an allegory based on a work of fiction. Meaning alien as in feeling alienated from society. Maybe the person who posted it was a troll giving it a deliberately misleading title?

I know Keith is interested in aliens and conspiracy theories, but it's an interesting subject even if I do personally think it's nonsense, and he is just one person from the Animal Protection Party. I know most of the other APP supporters have different views.


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