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This Exactly How PR works using Oxford

Adam Werritty | 21.10.2011 12:50 | Ocean Defence | Repression | Oxford | South Coast

Bell Pottinger's role in using Oxford Union to cover up the mass killing of Tamil civilians is up again through an establishment inquiry


covers issues raised in this curious post

(note Lord Bell's outfit Bell Pottinger influencing public contact details [for their employee] in Oxford IMC)




Adam Werritty

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Chl 4's coverage on Sri Lanka is not Establshment's view

21.10.2011 13:09

Ch4 are a terrorist media according to Sri Lankan government


Have you seen ?

One hour long
Must see
4oD doesn't host programmes for this long. This has been on for months on 4oD

Well done Ch4!


Who is Sri Lankan Development Trust ?

23.10.2011 09:44

We, a premier Sunday newspaper in Sri Lanka, investigating the mystery of Sri Lankan Development Trust need some information as Liam Fox, MP keeps denying the details of the trust even though it is states noble causes.

Please read the following link. We are investigating another mystery person who used Pragav's company card in Sri Lanka


We are not getting any response from Brodies LLP of Edinburgh EH3 9WJ
Sri Lankan Development Trust also has the exact address details down to the postcode.

Any ideas and tips could prove to be very useful to journalism in Sri Lanka

mail e-mail: editor@thesundayleader.lk
- Homepage: www.thesundayleader.lk

Corporate intelligence company which bankrolled Liam Fox

25.10.2011 14:27

The Telegraph of Sat 22nd October 2011 (so watch out for diversions) reports on the makings of Sri Lankan Development Trust:

Inside the corporate intelligence company which bankrolled Liam Fox

A South African intelligence expert made payments of as much as £60,000 through his security company for an unregistered charity linked to Dr Liam Fox.

Dr Liam Fox quit after it emerged that he had allowed Adam Werritty, right, to attend official government meetings (PHILIP IDE)

Robert Mendick and Patrick Sawer

9:04PM BST 22 Oct 2011

Andre Pienaar, a multi-millionaire who keeps out of the public limelight, runs G3 Good Governance Group, a corporate security and intelligence company whose clients include the defence contractor BAE Systems.

In a lucrative industry reliant on insider information and expertise, Mr Pienaar has made it his business to be well-connected. A number of Establishment figures are on the company’s payroll.

G3’s main source of income is providing intelligence for big business including “competitor analysis” and cyber security at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds. There is no suggestion that the company, which is worth about £20 million, has operated in any way outside the law.

The chairman of G3’s advisory board is the Duke of Westminster, while the company worked behind the scenes — and free of charge — as security consultants in the run-up to this summer’s royal wedding. As a result, Mr Pienaar, 41, received an invite to the wedding ceremony as a guest of Buckingham Palace.

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb, the former director of UK Special Forces, is also listed as a G3 adviser, while Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, is a non-executive director of Proven, an investigatory arm of G3.


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[what's this]

Geoffrey Tantum, a former MI6 Middle East director with wide-ranging connections, is also on the advisory council. Mr Tantum’s daughter, Laura, operates Universal Exports, G3’s charitable foundation which is also the name of the fictional company used as cover by James Bond.

The charity’s trustees include Lord Ashdown and Lady Deborah Peat, the wife of the Prince of Wales’s former principal private secretary.

According to sources, Dr Fox’s office first approached Mr Pienaar in 2008 for funding for a Sri Lankan-based charity. Dr Fox had a long-standing interest in the country, dating back to the mid-1990s when he was a junior foreign office minister. Dr Fox’s best man Adam Werritty, whose friendship led to his downfall, was also involved in the negotiations.

They agreed that G3 – which has no commercial interests in Sri Lanka — would pay to set up the Sri Lanka Development Trust through a Scottish law firm to help with reconciliation and reconstruction of a country torn apart by years of civil war. The charity, however, was never registered with the Charity Commission nor with Companies House.

No details of its accounts appear in any public records. The Sunday Telegraph has been told that G3’s co-founder Hugh Petre, an Old Etonian who has since left the company, was never told about the payments linked to Dr Fox.

The former Defence Secretary travelled to Sri Lanka three times on flights paid for by the trust in 2009 and 2010 while he was in opposition. The flights were declared in Dr Fox’s register of MPs’ interests. The trust’s address is given as the business address of G3, although the company says it never carried out any work for the charity on its premises.

Between 2008 and 2011, G3 says it made payments to the Sri Lanka Development Trust totalling “no more than £45,000”. A further payment of £15,000 was paid to Pargav Ltd in June this year, which G3 believed would be given to the trust. Pargav is a company set up on behalf of Mr Werritty and funded his travel around the world and even the purchase of shoes, a handmade suit and a trip to a topless bar in New York. G3 is now reviewing the payment made to Pargav.

A spokesman for G3 said last week: “In 2008, we were asked by Dr Liam Fox, then the shadow defence secretary, to give advice about the reconstruction of northern Sri Lanka after the sudden end of the civil war.

Dr Fox explained that he wanted to play a constructive role in the peaceful reconstruction of the country. Our advice, which was provided on a pro bono basis, related to how a charity of this nature might be structured.

“The Sri Lanka Development Trust was subsequently established but we have never had any involvement in its work. Good Governance Group has no business or other related business in Sri Lanka, has no clients there and has never worked for its government.”

G3 admits holding meetings with Dr Fox, both in government and in opposition, but says officials or civil servants were always present. Mr Pienaar is chief executive of G3 although he sold his shares in the company in the spring to a Swedish investment company for about £14 million before the scandal over Dr Fox emerged.

He was previously head of the South African division of Kroll, the world’s biggest risk and security consultancy. G3 has been hugely successful since Mr Pienaar co-founded it in 2004. The company saw its turnover double between 2010 and 2011 from £6 million to £12 million and raised its profits from £1.3  million to £2.4 million — during the period Dr Fox was appointed as Defence Secretary.

A source in the security and intelligence business said Mr Pienaar had been keen to help Dr Fox while he was in opposition. “G3 had defence clients but wanted to get more,” said the source. “The deal with Fox was kept quiet even within the company.”

A Buckingham Palace source confirmed G3 had undertaken work in the run-up to the royal wedding but did not comment on whether Mr Pienaar had been invited.

from Daily Telegraph
- Homepage: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/8843810/Inside-the-corporate-intelligence-company-which-bankrolled-Liam-Fox.html

Was the Sri Lankan Development Trust born in Shangri-La Singapoer

30.10.2011 18:08

Was it in the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in June 2009 the Sri Lankan Development Trust started?
Liam Fox wanted to rebuild the war ravaged areas.

Minister Bogollagama visited Oxford with that huge entourage in January 2009.
He came with Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2008 too.

Air Chief Marshal Donald Perera went to take up office in Israel.


LTTE defeat proves terrorism could be eliminated:
Dr. Liam Fox hails Sri Lanka's military victory

British Shadow Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox congratulated Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and the Sri Lankan Government on the military victory against the LTTE terrorist group. This was conveyed to the Minister on the sidelines of the 8th Shangri - La Dialogue in Singapore last week.

Dr. Liam Fox pointed out that the defeat of the LTTE proved to the world that terrorism could be eliminated. Minister Bogollagama briefed Dr. Fox on the Government plans to conduct Local Government elections in the Northern Province and the development of infrastructure in the region. He was also apprised on the situation of the IDPs and the 180 day program by the Government to rehabilitate and resettle them in their original places of habitation.

Present at the meeting was Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who stated that the infrastructure of the Northern Province could not be developed for the last three decades because the region was under the control of the LTTE. Dr. Fox opined that what Sri Lanka needed was assistance and not be the subject of unsubstantiated and spurious allegations.

Also present at the meeting were the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Singapore, Ms. Jayathri Samarakone, senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Donald Perera.


Donald Perera was silently moved to Turkey in July 2011

31.10.2011 01:31

Donald Perera at Rothschild's IBCA's Balfour dinner November 2010
Donald Perera at Rothschild's IBCA's Balfour dinner November 2010

Yes in Turkey.
Donald ducked the storm he kicked up by maintaining a low key tenure since speaking the truth.


Sri Lankan ambassador: We back Israel's war on terror

Donald Perera, who served as Sri Lankan chief of staff during offensive that ended in Tamil rebels' surrender after more than 30 years, is enjoying a change of pace in Israel. In interview with Yedioth Ahronoth, he recalls seeing body of rebel leader Prabhakaran, says IDF needs public's support to successfully eradicate terror. 'Citizens must realize struggle will exact a heavy price,' he adds

David Regev
Published: 07.21.10, 19:10 / Israel News

Also another older article is a good read


Also check out this slating



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